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The new generation of Mercedes-Benz E-Class Restyling hearses can now count on EQ Power advanced hybrid plug-in technology. An extraordinary achievement that will enable the funeral sector to benefit from all the advantages of electric motorisation. The ideal opportunity for those who need to travel short distances, inside cemeteries and accessing ZTL areas, with the advantage of exemption from road tax for the early years (three or five depending on the region). 
The Hybrid plug-in range fits two different engines: combustion and electric. The two forms of traction work together with extreme efficiency giving a two-fold increase in driving comfort: the electric engine for zero emission travel on urban routes and during funeral processions, the combustion unit for long distance transfers.

This technology helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Here in simple terms is how the Hybrid plug-in works on the new E-Class. Energy is stored is a high-voltage lithium-ion battery that can be recharged from an external power source, even from a domestic outlet. With the regenerative braking system, kinetic energy is converted to electrical energy in order to partially recover braking energy during the release phase. The electric engine can be used both as a motor and as a generator. In the first case, it is used for traction and in the second, electric energy is recovered and used to recharge the battery during release and braking. The new hybrid plug-in engines are ready to support your business, offering both economic and sustainability benefits. Thanks to Pilato's range of incentives, our professionals will support you in choosing the hearses best suited to your operational needs.

You can choose from the following engines:

  • E300de hybrid diesel/electric - 4-cylinder in-line diesel engine, 1,950 cm³ displacement, 143 kW (194 hp), electric motor 90 kW (122 hp), system power 225 kW (306 hp) automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC
  • E300e hybrid petrol/electric - 4 cylinder in-line petrol engine, 1,991 cm³ displacement, 155 kW (211 hp), electric motor 90 kW (122 hp), system power 235 kW (320 hp) automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC

Jaguar - Pilate: a success story

Thirteen years ago, with the 'Queen I' model based on the Jaguar XJ (X351), Pilato created the Jaguar-based  hearses segment for its customers.

We were the first to create, stabilise and spread - in Italy and around the world - the prestigious British car brand in a funeral market which was traditionally dominated by other brands.

In the wake of the first XJ and the current “Queen II” (X391), the two-seater XF (X250)-based "Aurora" and "Aurora Sprint" were launched in 2010, followed by the current two-seater "Aurora" and the innovative four-seater XF "GrandAurora" (X260). In 2015 the elegant Imperial limousine was developed on the XJ chassis and is widely used in some European countries as a vehicle to accompany family members and relatives during funeral processions. In 2020, with the introduction of the Luce - the first hearse in the SUV category - Pilato has become the only manufacturer in the world to offer a range of five Jaguar models.


All Jaguar-based Pilato hearses are built in collaboration and with the engineering support of Jaguar Land Rover under an agreement that qualifies us as an "Approved Jaguar Converter". All of Pilato’s Jaguar-based hearses therefore benefit from the Jaguar Care maintenance package which offers warranty, scheduled maintenance and three-year service from the car's first registration, up to 100,000 km and at no additional cost.


Interruption all its activities due to COVID-19

The Company Pilato SpA, aware of the current National Emergency due to the diffusion of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), decides to interrupt all its manufacturing and commercial activities starting from Friday 13th March until 31st March, unless new provisions.
Our Country are passing through a delicate moment and the Company makes a conscious choice in the interest of all those involved: our employees, our customers, our cooperators and their families.
A gesture of responsibility that will contribute to return to the normality soon, even more motivated and with an exclusive novelty.
#stayathome #distantbutunited #everythingwillbefine


Norma two-seater: the origin of beauty

The basic principles of Pilato hearses rely on design at the very highest level. This is crucial if we are to offer our customers exclusive vehicles as well as work tools of refined design and strong character, while still ensuring efficiency and functionality. As a result of increasing investment in research, development and design, we have recently expanded our production area and engineering capabilities in order to introduce exciting new models to the market. And that's how the Norma was born, the original two-seater based on the Mercedes-Benz E-class, with similar features and the same length as the Orion, but created with a clearly defined goal. With the increase in the height and width of the funeral compartment, the Norma offers even more space than the traditional two-seater model. In addition to allowing the transport of coffins of any size, the Norma is also enhanced in terms of road presence. As for the interior, the different materials and finishes have been designed to make the funeral compartment a welcoming, functional space, suitable for any funeral culture and with solutions for every need.


Jaguar AWD All Wheel Drive: instinctive control

Perfect dynamics and outstanding performance… all year round. The Jaguar XF Aurora can be equipped with the innovative Jaguar AWD system.

The concept of “all-wheel” drive is too often associated with steep slopes or heavy off-road vehicles. But why renounce total reliability and amazing dynamism on a hearse and on normal roads? Jaguar has completely revolutionised the concept of all-wheel drive with its innovative All Wheel Drive system.

The Jaguar AWD system guarantees enhanced safety on any road surface and in all weather conditions because the system detects when more tractive force is needed, and transfers all the torque requested to the front wheels to improve stability. The system adjusts constantly to find the best balance between drive and performance, so that when it establishes that the additional tractive force is no longer necessary, power is returned to the rear axle.

All Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics makes the iconic Jaguar handling even more manageable and agile, thus increasing safety in all conditions.


NEW V CLASS: Beauty has never been so practical

With the Mercedes-Benz V Class, the three-pointed star adds a new class to its line-up: an MPV with expressive charisma and some of the most modern and functional features that the segment has to offer.

As everyone knows, functionality is an essential requisite for any MPV, while comfort and style are an added pleasure, and the new V Class combines all three of these qualities like no other vehicle in its segment. Available with a choice of two wheelbases, three lengths (from 4895 to 5370 mm), three engines and a host of options, the V Class is also the ideal solution for the funeral home operator, with its elegant cabin appointed with premium materials and a particularly large and versatile load bay that can be easily outfitted for funeral transport use.

The sophisticated style and emotive visual impact of the new V Class are also ideally suited to the needs of our particular sector: at the centre of the imposing front is a vertical radiator grille with the three-pointed star, flanked by headlight clusters with full LED technology – a first for this segment.

And with exclusive pioneering safety systems that you’d expect to see in a Mercedes-Benz passenger car, the V Class ushers in a whole new generation of MPV. The interior also offers a completely new interpretation of the MPV concept: the particularly attractive dash is split into two separate parts by a three-dimensional insert creating a visual impression of airiness and giving the entire cabin a touch of sophisticated elegance.

The V Class is also equipped with all the latest generation safety systems encompassed by the Mercedes-Benz “Intelligent Drive” concept, as well as innovative aids such as the optional EASY PACK tailgate, which opens and closes electrically at the simple touch of button to make loading and unloading the load bay easier.

The extremely refined and innovative new V Class is sure to be a success in the funeral sector.