Pilato’s three new stars shine.

Unchangeable yet sparkling with a light that is ever new.
They are both hugely distant but so familiar it would seem you can stretch out your hand and grasp them.
Like poets, lovers and sailors, Pilato also determines the stars in its sky.
Stars, like the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star: the E-Class that Pilato has interpreted in all its versions
for 55 years, serving the needs of the modern funeral entrepreneur. We are therefore presenting our three new
projects, as always united by the common denominator of the pursuit of style and cutting-edge technical solutions.
Because we too, even with our feet firmly planted on the ground, are aiming for the stars.

Pilato interprets
the new E-Class.

A perfect balance between elegance and tradition: finely drawn lines and striking interiors. For the new E-Class 213, Pilato returns to the winning design of its previous models, enhancing their existing strengths and introducing several novelties to make the vehicle even more impressive. The side surfaces are given a new look by splitting the generous side windows, which lightens the vehicle’s proportions and underlines its refined styling.

Cutting edge technology.

Last year we signed an official agreement with Daimler AG to outfit the Mercedes-Benz E-Class . This agreement crowns a working relationship that goes back many decades, and makes us one of only two organisations in Europe authorised to carry out chassis and hearse building operations. Under the agreement the German carmaker supplies us with “Special Edition” estate cars, developing a package of equipment that has been designed specifically for our conversions.