Aurora AWD

Pilato - Jaguar

Perfect dynamics and outstanding performance

Jaguar’s uniquely capable automatic AWD system is available on the Aurora Twoseater. The system has been engineered specifically to intensify the experience of driving your Jaguar car in all weathers, on all surfaces.


Spirit of adaption

The concept of “all-wheel” drive is too often associated with steep slopes or heavy off-road vehicles. But why renounce total reliability and amazing dynamism on a hearse and on normal roads?

Jaguar has completely revolutionised the concept of all-wheel drive with its innovative All Wheel Drive system.

In addition to improving driving control in all weather conditions on surfaces where grip is poor, Jaguar’s all-wheel drive systems also improve drive performance on dry roads. With the Aurora Two Seater XF on country roads or in town, you will feel the advantages of Jaguar all-wheel drive on every bend.


The Jaguar AWD system guarantees enhanced safety on any road surface and in all weather conditions because the system
detects when more tractive force is needed, and transfers all the torque requested to the front wheels to improve stability.

The system adjusts constantly to find the best balance between drive and performance, so that when it establishes that the
additional tractive force is no longer necessary, power is returned to the rear axle.

All Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics makes the iconic Jaguar handling even more manageable and agile, thus increasing safety in all conditions.


Engines & performance

Capacity: cc 1997    |    cc 1999
Output kw: 184    |    132-177
Bhp: 250    |    180-240
Drive: rear
Transmission: Automatic 8-speed
Emissions class: Euro 6

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