Painstakingly selected materials are hand-crafted
for supreme comfort and to soothe the senses.
No other hearse has the same charisma as a Pilato.


professional vehicles tailored for the European funeral home sector which truly reflect all funeral cultures


the many different transport needs of operators


refined, sophisticated and exclusive vehicles with a unique, immediately recognisable style

Building professional vehicles with our trademark craftsmanship, which allows us to design and realise every one of our vehicles entirely in-house.

This has always been our credo and is the essence of our corporate philosophy.

& Development

The creations of our interior designers are of a class and quality rarely seen even in premium passenger cars. This is true in every aspect of their work, from the painstakingly selected materials to the precision and sophistication of the handcrafted details. The leather and fabric trim, interior accents and accessories are meticulously selected and sourced from only the highest quality suppliers. These contemporary materials are worked by master craftsmen with a style inspired by modern interior design.

Aesthetically, the severe, traditional interior is a thing of the past, and has been replaced by a style favouring natural, harmonious lines evocative of strength and technical content, trimmed with premium, soft touch materials combining elegance with versatility.
Credit for this new approach in how we create interiors goes to the designers and researchers of the Pilato Design Team, where the entire design process is conducted in a uniquely Italian spirit in which beauty and joy go hand in hand with functionality and the latest advances in technology.

Our hearses bring original, unmistakeable personality to the funeral service sector, expressed in the attention to detail and elegance of the specific hearse trim and accessories. The result is visual harmony and functionality in an ambience which, given its purpose, must be reassuring, practical and comfortable, and offer plenty of usable interior space. An innovative system of internal controls has also been developed and perfected to ensure simpler, more intuitive operation of the loading deck and interior lights, and of all the functions of the coffin compartment.