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Epoxy: new frontier.

As a leader in the hearse's market and the only manufacturer in Europe to offer all possible technological advances in this field, Maison Pilato has operated for nearly 50 years with a philosophy which, in collaboration with qualified technological partners, becomes the concrete reality in a process of study and in the application of the most advanced solutions able to better the product's technological contents during its production processes.

This way, new goals have been reached thanks to the use of epoxy resins for bodywork manufacturing as well as for the doors on the present hearse models, an experiment which started a couple of years ago and has given excellent results.

Epoxy resin is endowed with superior physical specifications and shorter curing times than traditional polyester and vinyl. Widely used in the aeronautical field and ratified by the German Air Force federal services, it allows the production of excellent mechanical quality components, has very good stiffness properties and impact and distortion strength. Furthermore, epoxy resins are appreciated for their hydrophilic properties like high dampness absorption and poor resistance to the spreading of steam. As a matter of fact this is the reason they are used widely also in boat hulls, surfboards and sports equipment.

It is not sufficient, though, to introduce new technical solutions or new manufacturing processes! Any new manufacturing system, any new component used in this system within Pilato's workshop, must undergo the strictest testing. For this reason, before being mass-produced, Pilato's hearse must show its quality in a multitude of tests; every model, be it Mercedes or Jaguar must undergo a marathon of tests. This is why the interaction between the collaborators and the quality control engineers begins during the hearses' planning phase which begins with the design of a new model and accompanies the product's whole birth process.

This allows us to compare the perceived values with the planning nominal data as well as to carry out a precise analysis through tactile and optical measurement in order to establish whether all bodywork's components coincide with the required position and functions.

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