The ideal partner for your business

The new Mercedes-Benz Vito has so many innovations
that it can be considered, as always,
the ideal partner for your funeral business.

The new generation Mercedes-Benz Vito is the ideal solution for anyone looking for practicality, elegance and safety in a single vehicle, without forgoing sportiness and dynamism on the road.

The Vito van stands out for its technical capabilities but also for its practicality. A professional vehicle that meets the most ambitious challenges, it is also the best vehicle to represent your funeral home. Its most striking feature is an extraordinary loading capacity, an element that guarantees Pilato extreme flexibility and a wide, highly appreciated range of outfits. These are manufactured by craftsmen using top grade steel, which guarantees a solid, lasting product, easily adapted to all your transport needs.

Where the design is concerned, the new Mercedes-Benz styling has allowed Pilato to convert a light commercial vehicle, generally used as a work vehicle, into a true "icon" in a few easy steps, a vehicle that proves to be increasingly classic and elegant as the eye lingers over the details of the sides, where the flowing lines of the body merge with shining inserts and chrome surrounds that embellish the vehicle, making it more attractive stylistically.


The Pilato outfits for the new Vito are practical and functional, guaranteeing a high level of customization as well as outstanding exploitation of the interior space, creating a professional vehicle with unmistakable, original styling.



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