Jaguar XJ The Queen II

Cutting-edge technologies and the latest materials

When function encounters design,
perfection is reached

The elegant Queen II can accommodate 4 occupants including the driver. Using cutting edge techniques and innovative materials, our brand new composite material department carefully manufacture the bodyshells. The use of these systems guarantees the robustness and quality of the finish which enables us to give the vehicle’s exterior lines a cleaner and more compact shape, creating a strikingly beautiful profile that extends from the rear lights to the front pillars and the windscreen. The bodywork of The Queen II is durable and rigid, but it also guarantees reactiveness and agility, never compromising the structural integrity, and setting safety standards at the peak of its class.

The Jaguar name has always been synonymous with engineering excellence and breath-taking design. But Pilato itself is not left behind where style is concerned. Every Jaguar conversion is produced to order: this means that every vehicle on the assembly lines already has an owner who is expecting it. This underlines the artisan character of the incredible development process of Pilato hearses.

Cutting-edge technologies and the latest materials handled by expert craftsmen.
The new 3D systems used to design the interior have introduced endless ways of exploiting the space in the loading bay to the last inch, making it possible to customise the outfits for you with a huge range of materials and finishes. The entire construction of the coffin compartment is entrusted to the skills of our team of specialist craftsmen who have been building hearses for over fifty years.

The interior surfaces are extremely resilient and long-lasting, as well as easily washable; the loading deck has a trolley that slides out on runners with cursors that make it easy to load and unload the coffin. We can configure the coffin compartment using different styles and materials to meet customer individual requirement, culture or tradition.

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