Pilato Assistance: competence and professionalism at disposal of the Funeral Directors

Pilato has chosen to be partner
to its clients in the full sense
of the term and for the whole
life-time of the product.

All our hearses are the end result of meticulous study
and expert realization. As such, they deserve care
and attention once they have come out of the factory.

The competence and experience accumulated
over the years in our workshop have enabled us
to intervent with expertise not only on Pilato vehicles
but also on vehicles realized by other coachbuilders.

This means the customer may turn to us in all tranquillity
for any necessity regarding the servicing of the main
instrument for work, i.e. the vehicle.

Over the years Pilato has consolidated an efficient and tested service of assistance, putting together a team of professional specialists who are able to resolve any problem regarding fine-tuning, breakdown, replacement or any other needs of the customer, including the utilization of original spare parts furnished by the Car Manufacturer of the base vehicle so as to maintain unaltered in time all the characteristics and high performance of the vehicle.

Entrust us with your vehicles – they will be in safe, expert hands.
Also because being a leader company in the hearse market
means providing complete all-round assistance.