manages all the new model’s life cycle,
from its conception to the finished product.


In Nervesa della Battaglia, in a state-of-the-art
research and development centre called Pilato
Design Team there is the “genetic nursery”,
where the hearses DNA is discovered
and where new models grow.

Every department is in charge of
a particular phase in the product’s life-cycle:
from its conception to the produced product.
There is a department, interfaced with all the others,
which is exclusively in charge of creativity, while a pool
of planners develop product and process engineering,
that is it transforms the designers and ideas
men’ perceptions into projects ready for production.

Side by side with our workshop technicians and production
managers, engineers and planners verify feasibility, costs,
structural calculations and manufacturing choices for every phase of production.

The centre is also equipped with state-of –the-art laboratories and cutting-edge
equipment for the making of prototypes and their engineering, in short only
the best of everything to create car which are the result of geniality, technique
and passion. The group formed by the inner team of designers and planners
are guided with sensitivity by the Product Manager “Gianvittorio Stella” and
the Marketing Manager “Barbara Pilato” towards interpreting not only
the public’s taste they know so well, but also the taste of a wider market,
namely the international one.

In the Factory in Nervesa della Battaglia, where the whole
production cycle develops according to the carmakers’ ancient
art, the work continues to be carried out according to quality
principles of high manual skills, the value of which is clearly
perceived by the clients who see the hearse as a unique piece,
a tailor-made product which is timeless and in which the real
and exclusive image of the funeral parlour is reflected.